presenter Today  13-04-2016 the goverment young and sport  sector implement an it develop training on BLKI building.


the power of habit

Long time ago in a village around Chinese mainland. life an old man named te re-yi.

he is a true nature lover. he spent his life to plant and care for trees.

people who live around the te re yi house confused and do not understand what was in te re yi mind.

in their eyes te re yi is a strange old man who prefers to live alone and take care of

trees rather than take care of themselves and make money.

te re yi live for 89 years. at his death so people do not feel lost.

for those… te re yi is nobody but, soon after a few years later the trees were planted te re yi during her life began to bear fruit.

the villagers to enjoy all the fruits of trees planted te re yi. children are so happy to climb and enjoy the fruit on the tree.but when the fruit of trees planted te re yi was left exhausted they begin to neglect the tree and return to their old habits that destroy nature.

and so on until eventually the trees die. because the trees dead, the air quality in the village worsened.

they started exposed to respiratory diseases. one by one the villagers died.

some of the survivors began to realize that trees are so important to their lives.

they left the village that had not trees and had to go to the vilage that still fertile land and still having trees in every coner of the world . it is why there always an asian in every country around the world. so that they have ever experienced a disaster does not happen again they perpetuate the spirit of  te re yi to change the name of the wood that grows in the ground by the name of te re-yi or as we known now tree.